Ubi Arcade Pack

I’m not sure exactly why the daily deal today is called the Ubi Arcade Pack when the only arcade style game to be found is Trials Fusion. This is more of an indie-style pack but it is Ubisoft which is not exactly indie so whatever. There are three featured games today and you don’t have to purchase the whole pack in order to get deal which is nice, but you do save an extra 10% if you do. According to Valve you save a full $4.98 which could actually get you another whole daily deal game. The question is, is it worth it?

Child of Light, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, and Trials Fusion all share a semi-2d perspective and they are all indie-gorgeous. The style that has become so popular in smaller budget, creative titles- everything looks very dream like and as wispy as a painting. Somehow despite this similarity they manage to distinguish themselves from any other game and let’s be honest these games look damn good. Except maybe Trials Fusion but it certainly doesn’t look bad.

In Child of Light you play as some kind of princess who intends to lay siege to the Disney castle. Also, Navi from Ocarina of time follows you around and can be controlled by your friend. Unfortunately your friend has to be sitting next to you for co-op to work for who knows what reason since this is 2014 and you need to be connected to 2 online services (Steam and pUplay) in order for the game to run, but you know, whatever. Anyways people absolutely love this game for its great writing and engrossing story and beautiful visuals. It is also really, really easy and possibly for children. Or just a man comfortable enough to dream.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a puzzle game that is the sequel to everyone’s favorite 90s arcade game, Metal Slug. Valiant Hearts keeps the exaggerated characters but swaps the run and gun, comical gameplay for a much darker story that is sure to make you cry. War is not fun, people, and Valiant Hearts wants to make sure you know that. Look how sad that dog is, seriously.

Trials Fusion I have written about before and not much has changed except it is now five dollars cheaper than it was whenever it was last on sale. So that’s good.

The Ubi Arcade Pack is currently on sale for 60% off, it is $19.99. This is a little steep for a daily deal but it does include 3 games that are all pretty good. If it was $9.99 it would be a definite steal. Don’t get me wrong, people absolutely love these games and if you are dying to play them right now you should go for it. Otherwise, you should wait until they are 75% off because it is going to happen sooner or later, and then you should buy it. Verdict: Skip it.

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