XCOM 2 Daily Deal

Earth, 2017. Everybody knows the Reptilians have seized control of the dominant powers of the globe, and they are desperate to warm the planet to better suit their ideal cold-blooded living conditions. What most people don’t realize- and I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you have a right to know- is that the GREYS are the ones pulling the strings.

You see, the Reptilians are just pawns in the Grey game that is galactic destruction. So that’s where XCOM 2 comes in. You are XCOM, an elite (failed) tactical team led by the GMan from Half Life. Also sometimes you fight GMen? Well he was always sort of an ambiguous character.

Anyways, you have to assemble your crack squad of people that you name after your friends, enemies, Duke Nukem, and Hollywood Movie Stars. It will probably end up that half of your squad will serve as meat shields for the other half- you can bet that Duke Nukem (Heavy Weapons Guy) and Michelle Rodriguez (Sniper) are going to level up all the way while poor Jimmy from shop class is going to take some plasma for the team.

Seriously though, unless you were born without a heart (which would make you a Grey, and therefore the enemy) this game will make you feel things for these silent heroes that make up the XCOM force. Get it while it’s hot and 60% off. 

THQ Nordic 80% off Weekend

This is somehow the first time I’ve heard of THQ Nordic, but not the first I’ve heard of these games. Holy cow these games are awesome. This is a great sale. Just look at their sale picture. There’s a cyborg, a scantily clad huntress, Cleopatra fighting back to back with Achilles and that molten lava boss from Dark Souls.

80% percent off of any of those things is totally worth it. But to really understand, we have to talk about the Nordic people. They are great. You might think they are a peace loving people. Maybe now. But back in the day, they basically invented ocean faring ships just so they could discover islands they could burn down.

Now, they don’t really do that stuff anymore. I think. In Sweden (maybe elsewhere?) they drink this stuff called Akvavit. It’s basically just rubbing alcohol with some weird spices in it. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s delicious, sometimes it isn’t. I’ll be honest, I drank a lot of it last time I was there. And if you drink just the right amount, you lose your desire to plunder foreign lands.

So THQ Nordic, maybe during a cold winter, they all got together and drank a bunch of Akvavit and thought, hey, you know what’s cooler than Diablo? Those Ancient Egyptians. And thus, Titan Quest was born.

Do you like old school ARPGs? Buy Titan Quest, it’s awesome.

Have you ever wanted to run around in circles at 500 mph while shooting some kind of full auto stake gun? Get Painkiller, it’s awesome.

Painkiller Black
Seriously if you haven’t played a Painkiller game what the hell is wrong with you

Do you like heavy metal and/or action figures and mashing buttons? Get Darksiders, it’s awesome.

Verdict: Systembolaget 

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