The Free Weekend Weekend: Payday 2

As you can clearly see, we have entered The FREE WEEKEND WEEKEND. It’s time to play for free Thurs 10/16 – Sunday 10/19. This is great news! There is almost always one free game on Steam every weekend but now we get to choose from so many, it really is great. So bask in the glow of free gaming goodness, and try them all out.

Payday 2 has been on a few free weekends already so you may have had a chance to try it at some point. Unfortunately Payday 2 is one of those annoying games where you purchase it in the first place, for real life money, and then they shove a bunch of DLC down your throat. Like a shotgun. Why the hell should I have to pay for a shotgun with more money if I already bought the game? The world may never know. So we’re already off to a misstep. However let’s talk about the game itself.

If you didn’t know, Payday 2 is the official video game sequel of Point Break. Which is already a good thing, because Point Break is the best movie (excuse me, FILM) of all time. It stars the greatest actor of all time, Keanu Reeves, and he beats up a bunch of suit wearing bankrobbers donning matching rubber masks that look like ex-presidents. The FBI calls them The Ex-Presidents. Payday 2 puts you in the shoes of the bad guys instead of in the shoes of Keanu which would be way cooler but whatever.

Anyways, you should buy Point Break The Movie before you buy Payday 2 because that’s where the coincidences stop. First of all there is no surfing! How can you have a bank robbery team that doesn’t surf? They are supposed to be a real tight unit and nothing brings bros together like surfing. Also, Keanu Reeves is nowhere to be found, and neither is the ghost of Patrick Swayze (???). So let’s talk about gameplay. Basically this game is like Left 4 Dead 2. Well, actually it’s like Left 4 Dead 1 before Valve nerfed shiva stacking. You sit in a closet and just mow down wave after wave of idiotic police and SWAT officers. There’s supposed to be some kind of heist going on but the whole thing just feels silly and there’s not much strategy. There’s also not a ton of weapons of less you buy them.

Keanu Reeves is an FBI agent, sadly missing from Payday 2.

However, Payday 2 is currently on a free weekend and if you have 4 friends you can give it a shot and it might be fun if you try and dick each other over. It’s probably not worth the purchase though, even at 75% off. Verdict: Skip it.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a co op heist game. You must either work together with your teammates to pull of the heist or screw them over to steal all the money for yourself. I don’t think you are actually supposed to screw them over though, but it’s pretty funny when it happens. There is a little bit of a learning curve if you have never played before, but luckily it is a Free Weekend™ so there will be a bunch of other people that have never played before and nobody will get mad at you. 

Each round starts similarly, unless you have some loose cannon on your team that opens up the round guns blazing. Everyone works together and is as stealthy as possible to avoid detection. Eventually, somebody gets caught, or nervous, and then they freak out. This person is usually me. Then they run around like a madman alerting every security guard in the tri-county area before making it to the safe zone first. If I could lock the door on everyone I would. Every heist needs its backstabber! That’s what keeps it interesting!

You have the option of playing several different classes, or characters, or whatever you want to call them, and they all have just enough of a unique identity. The proper choice is obviously The Pickpocket: “A hobo with a monkey and a penchant for crime.” Basically your pixel monkey runs around the screen grabbing coins before other players can. Every man for himself, baby!

It’s colorful and gloomy at the same time, and you really feel like you’re taking part in a heist. Inside of a diorama. This game plays much better with others then by yourself! It’s also a Free Weekend™. So you should give it a shot! Verdict: Free Weekend!