Steam Daily Deal for Friday, 3/7/2014: Resident Evil Revelations

If I know anything about sequels, I do, slapping “Revelations” on the end of a title is usually a bad thing. See “Hellraiser: Revelations.” You might be asking yourself, “There’s eight Hellraiser movies? Why did you watch them all?” Yes, and I don’t know. There’s also Silent Hill Revelation, Children of the Corn Revelation, Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Prince of Persia Revelations, Myst IV Revelations. The list goes on. Probably.

Anyways, this game’s timeline takes place between games 4 and 5. It’s actually a Nintendo 3DS port. It takes a more survival horror approach then the past few games. Not so much the awkward tank-on-a-track-based movement of the first games, but more a limited ammo supply and a lot more walking around on a spooky ghost ship. It’s close to being a throwback. Can you keep Jill out of the Jill sandwich!

HD graphics could use a little work.

All in all it’s fine for a Resident Evil game. If you’re a big fan of the series you might as well get it. If you’ve somehow never played one before, this probably isn’t the place to start. It’s currently 75% off and $12.49 on Steam. Verdict: SKIP IT.

Steam Daily Deal for Thursday, 3/6/2014: Broken Age

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure game that is the direct result of a Kickstarter campaign by none other than Tim Schafer. It might be the game that single handedly kickstarted Kickstarter. I’m not positive but that’s definitely how I remember it. Tim Schafer has a glut of credits to his name, including “Never Actively Tried to Sabotage the Project. Tim Schafer, the Racoon King” in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. I think you could be wampas in that game, and that’s pretty cool. He also made Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and Sid Meier’s Pirates!: Curse of Monkey Island. The point is, the man makes good games, and this one is no different.

According to the Steam description, highlights of the game include both “pointing” and “clicking.” Which is great! You can make your girlfriend play it. She might say, “Video games are a waste of time,” or, “Why don’t you get a job?” But then, she tries an adventure game. Pointing! Clicking! Dialogue choices! Taut, palpable emotion! It could work!

The game looks gorgeous. It’s surprising how so many games use the stylized-illustration-watercolor-sketchbook aesthetic, but manage to make each one unique. As far as gameplay goes,  I’m assuming you know how adventure games work, and Broken Age works the same way. There are two stories here, and the game is pretty short. But I heard you get the next episode for free. Which is good, because this game is a whopping $16.74.

Verdict: SKIP IT if you’re broke. But this game is good! BUY IT during the Steam Spring Sale. Which will hopefully be in a few weeks.

Steam Daily Deal for Wednesday, 3/5/2014: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord

Upon first look the art for this game, as well as the title, might lead you to believe this is some product placement tie-in of Ring Pops and a sequel to Secret of the Magic Crystal. You would be wrong, like I was, as usual. What you get is a new-age “retro” platformer. You can jump back and forth between good and bad worlds and you can either spin OR boost. It’s like a deconstructed spin dash from Sonic. These super difficult, old school style games are all the rage these days, and guaranteed, you’ve played something like it. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact it’s good!

This game kind of reminds me of Sonic actually, which is a game I loved but the were so pretty I wanted to go slow to see everything which is obviously the wrong way to play that game. You’re not quite going slow in this game but you have enough time to drink it all in. And it is in fact pretty. The music is also surprisingly badass. This is due to Swedish metal band Machinae Supremacy who use a Commodore 64 to make music, and Chris Huelsbeck who used to compose for the Commodore 64. Coincidence, I think not.

Anyways, Giana Sisters is a whopping $1.24. So if you like platformers you should do it. If you don’t you shouldn’t. Also, the biggest issue with this game is it showing up in your Steam community profile. If your friends haven’t heard of it they’ll probably give you shit. But screw them! Verdict: BUY IT.

Steam Daily Deal for Tuesday, 3/4/2014: Puddle

Puddle is an educational biology simulator that places you in the role of a glob of partially digested food falling through some unseen individual’s tract. This is physics, but physics made fun. It’s the Magic Schoolbus digestion episode!!! That one was everybody’s favorite.

The gameplay is physics puzzle based, but it revolves around gravity AND liquid. It is kind of similar to the liquid sections of Portal 2, minus the portals. Also it’s in 2d. But you’re still trying to get some stuff a flowin’. Then again, gameplay is also similar to what happens after you flush a toilet. Blobs drop and splash and slide and the goal is to get your puddle to the end of the level without having spilled too much. It’s like trying to get the full pint of beer to your lips after you’ve clearly had too many already. Some liquid is going to get spilled. But the real question is was it too much?

It’s really not a digestion simulator.

Anyways, the game’s pretty and the music is good and it’s also pretty fun. Starting price was 9.99 and it’s currently on sale for $3.39. If you love physics puzzlers, you should grab it. But if you feel kind of wishy-washy about tumbling fluid like I do, that price is a little steep. SKIP IT.

Steam Daily Deal for Monday, 3/3/2014: Receiver

In Receiver you play the role of a Colt 1911 A1 that has become self-aware and capable of autonomous flight. It’s up to you to navigate a surprisingly aesthetic skyscraper to collect audio tapes that provide info on the story. Picking up audio recordings, you say? Crazy, I know. But this one’s different. They’re not just PDAs or CDs or whatever ancient device they are in Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite. They’re cassettes! Progress!

In Receiver it’s all about permanent death and randomization. Once you die, you start at the beginning of the level and try again. Only the levels and where the enemies lurk will be different each time. Like a roguelike but without the stats. Or the RP. The gimmick of the game is the complexity with which the gun can be handled- it must be manually reloaded and the slide can be pulled back and bullets can pop out and what not.

Gun enthusiast website approves.

Here’s the deal. It’s $1.50. If you really like guns, go for it. If, like me, you really like distant skyline skyboxes that are unreachable, go for it. Point is, hard to have the buyer’s remorse at these low, low prices. Verdict: BUY IT.

Steam Daily Deal for Thursday, 2/27/2014: Mass Effect 2

Humanity, or every other species, needs a leader against the Reapers. If you’re like me and you used the Unreal Engine to unwittingly make your Shepard an abomination, you will not get a clean slate here. It’s too late to go back. Time for several more hours of staring at your own god awful creation.

It’s horrible!

The consensus seems to be that you play Mass Effect for the story, not the gameplay. I don’t really mind either. If you like shooting aliens, or robots, or robot aliens, or maybe tossing them around with your mind, ENLIST, PRIVATE. The problem is this game is long and if you have a relatively long backlog it will most likely just take up space. Not really a jump in and play for an hour to get the full experience type of game.

Now if you loved the first one, you probably already bought this one. If you hated it, you might like this one better. There’s a lot more Lycra ass shots and British accents. You can also get a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. Or really whatever you want. Time to repopulate the galaxy!

Verdict: If you haven’t felt the burning desire to play it already, SKIP IT.

Steam Daily Deal for Wednesday, 2/26/2014: Orion: Dino Horde

Orion: Dino Beatdown Horde is a scifi FPS/dinosaur simulator released in 2012. As of this writing it is experiencing a free to play week and it is only $0.99 to purchase on Steam. The question, as always: is it worth it?

“Awesome fusion of Jurassic Park, Halo, and Killing Floor,” is what the opening title card promises. It’s a pretty apt description and if you like these things that’s a good sign. Clearly, Halo has borrowed a lot of its visual/graphical style from this game- everything has that strange glossy sheen and the vehicles look pretty familiar. Remember when all the PC gamers back in the day played the original Halo on Xbox and they didn’t get the big deal? “We’ve been playing better FPS for years,” they said. “This game looks just like ORION: Dino Horde without the dinosaurs!” they said.

The trailer boasts such glowing reviews as “The Metacritic score is misleading.” (It’s a 36.) “The game is awesome.” (Not true. Awesome underestimates this game. BADASS is more appropriate.) “Never seen a dev team fix update a game this much.” (That can’t be bad.) “Very proud of the developer.” (Mom?!) “It’s not buggy any more!” (We swear!)

Basically, you get some guns and you can fly around on a jetpack and there’s some fun vehicles to drive in large, colorful environments. From there it’s just circle strafing dinosaurs and running from the Trex.

Verdict: BUY. Absolutely. It is $0.99, and even if you play the game once and never try it again it is totally worth it. Also you can lightsaber a velociraptor in the face. Just drink water instead of a soda next time you are at Taco Bell.